The Euregional Technology Award consists of the following three parts:

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1. Create your Solution - Guest lessons - From September 2022 to December 2022

In two (guest) lessons with a research question, pupils will get the chance to work in small teams to come up with innovative inventions for theme-related challenges. On the website, they will submit their elaborate ideas with sketches and a clear description after which they will collect as many votes as possible. In December, a Euroregional jury will judge the ideas and announce which classes will be invited to the "Prove your Skills" final.

2. Prove your Skills - Final event. - 27 January

The winners from the Euroregion will come to VISTA College in Sittard (Netherlands) for the final. In a day fully catered for by EUTech, both practical skills and technical knowledge will be tested. The total scores from three workshops and a technology quiz will show which school will go home with an Award and a cash prize of €1,000. The EUTech will ensure a fun, educational day in which transport and lunch will also be provided.

3. Make it Happen - prototyping - February 2023

A technical process is the translation of a problem into a (technical) product. During the Industrial Design master class, students will work on translating the idea into a prototype. Supported by professionals, the groups can present their prototype and the results will be posted on a virtual exhibition.

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